The Cudworth Story

A Century Redefined: Style and Innovation Reimagined

Starting from modest origins, Norman P. Joseph and Norman Schureck launched their venture into the giftware market, specializing in men’s cufflinks and accessories back in 1918. Cudworth has since evolved to become an emblematic name in the Australian jewellery landscape, boasting a heritage and success story matched by few.

Decades of Distinguished Achievements

The journey saw a significant turn when Dennis Cudworth joined the team as a sales representative in 1962, marking the start of a longstanding partnership with David Jones that thrives to this day. The 1970s heralded a new chapter as Cudworth and MacMurray acquired the company, rebranding it as Cudworth-MacMurray, and forging a vital relationship with Myer. This period also witnessed Dennis Cudworth’s personal milestones, including his marriage to Lesley Rylah in 1979. Denis O’Beirne’s tenure as the Victorian sales rep from this era until 2009 further solidified the company’s presence.

Evolving Legacy: The Cudworth Dynasty

After parting ways with Mr MacMurray in 1982, Dennis and Lesley led Cudworth towards new ventures, including a pivotal association with Hourglass/IBSM, now Leading Edge Group. The company mourned the loss of Dennis in December 2001, marking the end of an era.

Embarking on a New Chapter

Neil McCammon and Darren Roberts took the helm in 2002, ushering Cudworth into the contemporary era. 2003 was a milestone year with the introduction of men’s stainless steel jewellery and the brand’s debut at the Australian Jewellery Fair in Sydney. The brand’s influence expanded through participation in European jewellery fairs, showcasing its innovative designs.

A New Dawn with the Renniks Group

In 2024, the Renniks Group, under the leadership of Michael and Ian Pitt, embraced Cudworth, drawn by its storied legacy and Australian roots. Today, Cudworth stands at the forefront of men’s fashion jewellery, seamlessly blending tradition with modern trends, and maintaining its stronghold in the Australian market.

Cudworth’s global reach now extends across Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific, Europe, and the UK, driven by a commitment to style, quality, and innovation. As Cudworth ventures into future horizons, it continues to celebrate its rich history, poised for further growth and creativity in the world of men’s fashion. The legacy of Cudworth is an ongoing story of excellence and evolution in men’s style.