Styling solutions for the modern man

While traditionally being seen to take a back seat in favour of the dominant women’s jewellery industry, men’s jewellery is fast becoming a way for men to make a fashion statement and build their unique identity. Whether smart or casual, here are some sure-fire style tips for the discerning gentleman.

Before the pandemic hit, it seemed inroads were being made to move men’s jewellery beyond the sleek, conservative aesthetic embodied by the traditional wedding ring/watch combo into a more bold and venturous ensemble that sallies forth into the relatively untrod territory of pendants, bracelets and layered chains. With the lack of travel and high-profile jewellery events over the past two years, a complacent lull seemed to fall over the men’s jewellery category, but with the world reopening, men’s jewellery experimentation is once again poised to trend upwards.

Venturing beyond the ring and watch with bracelets and necklaces

For the chap who wants to make his first foray into fashion jewellery, leather and bead bracelets complement your existing wedding ring and watch perfectly while keeping it casual. Plus, Cudworth’s leather bracelets look handsome and are made to last using Italian leather that’s pinned and glued onto the 316L grade stainless steel clasp so the strap is secure.

If you’re feeling game, add a beaded or stainless steel necklace for that added class beneath your dress shirt.

How to look dapper for that auspicious occasion

If you’re looking for a bit of ceremonial regalia to complement your suit and tie, a smart pair of stainless steel cufflinks and a tie slide would finish your outfit nicely, as would a stainless steel cuff or bangle. As for what to avoid, steer clear of cheap braided bracelet, or any other kitsch-looking adornment.

For those who want to be bold

Layering multiple pieces – whether they be necklaces, bracelets, or rings – has become popular in women’s jewellery, and there’s no reason why us more ostentatious men can’t also stack our style for that special occasion. Multiple leather, beaded or cuff bracelets will lend a bold masculine look to your aesthetic, as will multiple beaded chains.

When you’re ready to start your styling journey…

Cudworth has its finger on the pulse of men’s fashion jewellery and accessories, and offers the modern gentleman classy masculine pieces they’ll feel comfortable wearing. We do so in a variety of ways including mixing leather with stainless steel in tones of black, brown and blue, as well as combining semi-precious stones such tiger eye, agate and bronzite with leather bracelets.