The Big Debate in Men’s Jewelry Fashion: Go for Gold or Stick to Silver Chains?

Some debate are as old as time itself—mountains or beaches? Boxers or briefs? Gold or silver jewelry. We’re not sure when it happened but at some point, the fashion gods told the rest of us that we must choose which of two metals to wear when sporting jewelry—the cool luster of silver (or white gold) or the warm appeal of traditional gold.

And supporters of each metal are as ferocious in their devotion as are Apple and Android users. So it stands to reason that someone planning to expand their jewelry collection might feel pressure to pick a side and stick with it.

So…which is it? Should you side with silver or go for gold?

As one of the world’s premiere purveyors of men’s jewelry and accessories, we at Cudworth know a thing or two about metals. That’s why we’re sharing our thoughts on which shade of metal chain is right for you.

Before we start, we should mention that in terms of this article, we are talking about the shades of gold and silver rather than the metals themselves. There are many gold- and silver-hued chain options available that are made using alternative and more affordable metals.

The Case for Gold

There are many reasons to opt for a gold chain. There’s a timelessness that comes with gold, perhaps due to the fact that it has been worn by kings and members of nobility for centuries. This also contributes to the association of gold to wealth and prosperity.

Gold jewelry is wonderfully versatile and easy to dress up or down. A delicate gold chain looks right at home when paired with a t-shirt or peeking out from the neck of an unbuttoned dress shirt.

The rich, warm hue of gold looks especially fine against warmer skin tones. Yet, when worn by fairer men, the gold seems to bring a warm luster to the skin.

The Case for Silver

A high-quality silver chain adds a dash of polished refinement to any outfit. While gold is rich and warm, silver is cool and polished. Like gold, silver jewelry can be dressed up or down. There’s something wonderfully eye catching about a delicate silver chain laid over the crew neck of a dark charcoal or black wool sweater. And a more substantial Cuban chain pairs perfectly with a V-neck tee and jeans.

People are often surprised to learn that silver was first used as currency and has, at various times, been more valuable than gold. Perhaps this is why some of the oldest jewelry pieces on record, found in Mesopotamia and Egypt, were crafted from this durable and valuable metal.

So…which is best?

The truth is, there is no consensus on which shade is best. Whatever metal feels right to you is the metal you should wear. In fact, we strongly suggest you include both silver and gold pieces in your jewelry collection and wear them interchangeably.

In fact, will push the boundary even further and ask you to consider wearing gold and silver together. While traditionalists may gasp at the audacity of such a statement, one needs only look to the spring 2023 fashion shows to see gold and metal jewelry worn in tandem.

Some Tips for Mixing Metals

  • Balance and proportion are the key to pulling off a mixed metal look. If you wear a watch in gold or silver, consider adding a thin cuff or chain bracelet in the alternate metal alongside your timepiece. Similarly, if you’re wearing a bolder cuff on your arm, opt for a more delicate chain in a contrasting shade.
  • Another option – wear different metals on different arms. If your watch is gold, wear your silver cuff on the right wrist.
  • Want to layer both metals? It can be done, but balance is still important. An easy way to make mixing metals looks effortless is by starting with a single piece that blends silver and gold like this box chain necklace from David Yurman. Such pieces are an excellent way to get comfortable with metal mixing and create the perfect base from which you can layer additional chains in contrasting metals.
  • Pendant necklaces are having a moment in men’s fashion this year. Consider finding one with a mixed-metal look (like our very own Fibreglass Tag Pendant) to create the base for a layered look. Then add a more delicate, slightly shorter gold or silver chain to balance out the look.

The bottom line is this…

The jewelry you wear should make you feel good. If a gold finish scratches that itch, wear gold. If silver makes you feel fine, wear silver. And if you’re in the mood to mix metals, go for it.

And if you are looking for a place to purchase high-quality jewelry pieces in either finish, we hope you’ll visit our online store.