Summer Jewelry Trends for Men

The summer is shaping up to be a breakout year for men’s jewelry trends. If you have been a jewelry minimalist, sporting no more than a wedding band, but have been wanting to branch out, now is your opportunity to branch out. Over the last year, jewelry trends for men have pushed the boundaries, and we’re seeing more variety in styles for men that were once reserved for ladies only. This broadening of what’s acceptable allows men to play with shape, size, and color like never before. Gold continues to be the latest obsession for metals, and we’re seeing accessories like pearls and pendants come into play. But that doesn’t mean there is no longer a place for more traditional styles. To help you narrow your search for the perfect summer jewelry pieces, we’ve gathered a list of our 6 favorite trends you’ll be seeing…and you should be rocking…this summer.

Beaded Bracelets

Beads are back, baby…but we’re not talking about the friendship bracelets you wore in grade school. Strings of semi-precious stones (think onyx, turquoise, tiger eye, and malachite) offer the perfect balance between laid-back style and upscale taste. There’s just something effortlessly organic when stones are used in bracelets, and you can add a little extra flash when your bracelet includes metal or pave beads thrown in the mix.

Pendant Necklaces

Necklaces continue to surge in popularity, and you will certainly find yourself amongst good company should you choose to sport a simple gold chain over the summer. But why not up the ante? Pendants are white hot for 2023 and can be purchased separately if you already have a favorite chain. While traditional pendant styles for men include dog tags, crosses, anchors, and arrowheads, this year seems to be embracing a softer style of necklace pendants for men. Expect to see plenty of flowers and even pearl pendants around the necks of trendsetters this summer. If you’ve ever wanted to branch out beyond traditional conventions, 2023 is the perfect time to do so.

Pinky Rings

Make no mistake—these are not the pinky rings worn by Tony Soprano. Originally worn by European nobles to display their royal crest, today’s pinky rings are decidedly less pretentious yet still lend an air of luxury. For men who shy away from rings, a demure pinky ring is the perfect way to dip one’s toes into such trendy fashion waters. A simple band in gold or silver is an excellent way to start and lends itself to self-expression and individuality. But be warned—donning rings may become something of an obsession, and one that garners our unmitigated approval.


This may take some getting used to as pearls have often been seen as a more “feminine” material. Yet there is no denying pearls (and nautical motifs in general) have been cropping up all over the fashion runways, thanks in large part to fashion icons like Harry Styles pushing the boundaries within the fashion industry. While rocking a string of pearls is certainly doable these days, there are more subtle ways to incorporate this trend into your own fashion style. A single pearl used as a pendant allows you to embrace two trends simultaneously and draws less attention than a full string. You can also break away from the traditional look by wearing a black pearl. Bracelets are another option. Balancing the delicacy of pearl by incorporating it into a braided leather band allows you to show off that nautical look without feeling too prim about it.

Chunky Metal Bracelets

Not since the days of Dynasty have we seen such opulence in jewelry, but in 2023 it’s the men instead of Joan Collins who get to enjoy these extravagant looks. Don’t be afraid to go bold with your bracelets. While gold is certainly the current darling of the metal options, silver is equally eye-catching (and you should wear what you love, knowing the tides will turn and silver will be back in favor in no time). Keep in mind, balance is key when wearing substantial pieces. One chunky bracelet is plenty, and the rest of your jewelry should be kept to a minimum (unless you’re the go-big-or-go-home sort…then you do you).


For a time, it seemed that our cell phones had brought an end to the watch-wearing trend. But these timeless (and arguably more traditional) accessories are back in fashion in a big way for 2023. While smartwatches aren’t going anywhere, expect to see more traditional watch styles with a penchant for glamor—golden bands, pave diamonds, and oversized faces will be commonplace this summer. We hope this list provides inspiration to break out of your typical jewelry fare this summer. And, while these pieces may be on trend, it is most important that you find pieces that speak to you while elevating your style.