Our Quintessential Guide for Men’s Bracelets

Bracelets designed for men have seen a surge in popularity in recent years. In fact, there are so many options and styles available that many men interested in testing out the trend lose their nerve due to the number of choices they must make.

Gold or silver?

Cuff style or chain?

Does one stack them up or wear each individually?

If you’re unsure how to sport a bracelet without looking like Mr. Tries Too Hard, you’re going to love this post. Today, we’re breaking down the styling options and sharing our quintessential guide on men’s bracelets—which style is right for you, what metal works, and how to wear them in an effortless way.

Fit Comes First

As is the case with any other item in your wardrobe, the fit of your bracelet speaks to your overall look. Just as a poorly tailored shirt lends a disheveled air to an outfit, so does a wildly oversized bracelet that barely stays on one’s wrist. Conversely, a tight-fitting bracelet that barely clasps (and might be cutting off circulation) does the same for your appearance as a pair of trousers whose button is holding on with a wing and a prayer.

Keep in mind there is no hard-and-fast rule on a minimum or maximum bracelet circumference. This will depend on the size of your wrist. But here’s a good general rule of thumb – once your bracelet is on your wrist, you should be able to comfortably slip one or two fingers between the bracelet and your wrist.

Select Your Style

Just as the type of jewelry worn by women can vary according to the setting, so can your bracelet style. If you are just dipping your toes into the wristwear waters and want something that will work in both casual and formal settings, consider a simple cuff in the metal finish of your choosing to be the equivalent of a good pair of diamond studs. You’ll find that subtle flash of metal at the wrist looks just as much at home peeking out from beneath the cuff of a button-down shirt as it does thrown on with jeans and a t-shirt for the weekend.

If you’d prefer to wear different pieces in different settings, consider a more traditional (and perhaps a smidge more formal) chain link bracelet for the office. And if you happen to be sporting cuff links, it’s always a good idea to match the metal of your bracelet to any metal used in your links.

Casual options could include leather or a macrame bracelet studded with beads or stones.

Strike the Right Balance

Balance is key when it comes to styling. While some men prefer to sport a single bracelet, it is possible to achieve an effortless, layered look by properly stacking bracelets. The trick here is to balance the look properly. Wear a single, heavier metal cuff with a few slim, leather or beaded bracelets. Avoid wearing bracelets on both arms—it’s a hard look to pull off without looking like a superhero.

When it comes to metal finishes, mix and match to your heart’s desire. The old adage of only wearing gold or silver has long been put to bed. Gold looks great with leather and beads, as does leather. And silver pieces are stunning when paired with dark-hued stainless pieces. Just keep balance in mind—if you’re stacking pieces, add a natural element (think stone, wood, or leather) in with your metals to achieve a cohesive look.

What if you’re a traditionalist who still wears a watch? Can you successfully wear your watch and a bracelet? The answer is yes…with a few caveats.

If you want to wear your timepiece and your bracelet on the same wrist, count your watch as is it were another bracelet. If it has a wide, metallic band, opt for a couple of smaller bracelets in a more natural material. If you have a leather or silicone band, compliment it with a single metallic cuff or a think metal chain.

If you’d prefer to wear your bracelet(s) on the opposite wrist from your watch, keep the proportions the same (big watch on one wrist, smaller bracelet(s) on the other). Wearing a wide watch on one wrist and a thick cuff on the other brings you dangerously close to superhot territory again a la Wonder Woman and her Bracelets of Submission.

Don’t let the endless options for wristwear intimidate you. Start small with a single piece and add to your collection using the suggestions above to pull off a look that is easy and effortless. And if you’re looking for a premiere purveyor of quality jewelry pieces and accessories that you will wear and love for decades, look no further than Cudworth.