Our List of the Top 5 Must-Have Pieces of Men’s Jewelry

Though we often attribute the wearing of jewelry as a feminine act, the truth is discerning men have been donning rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings for centuries. And, while trends may ebb and flow, the act itself has never gone away.

Today’s fashionable man has a variety of jewelry options to choose from but starting a basic collection can feel overwhelming. Are rings over the top? Is a necklace too much? Where does one start when working to build a functional jewelry collection?

That’s why we’re dedicating today’s blog to showcasing our top 5 picks for must-have jewelry pieces every man should own.

1. A Good Timepiece

There is some debate amongst jewelry purists as to whether a watch should be considered jewelry due to its functionality. But we think this is exactly what makes a timepiece the perfect “gateway” piece for men who are getting comfortable with the idea of wearing jewelry.

Watches can be traditional or wildly avant-garde, allowing you to show off your personality. As actor Clive Owen once said, “Jewelry isn’t really my thing, but I’ve always got my eye on people’s watches.”

We recommend starting with a more casual watch that can be worn every day. Depending on your comfort with bling, you may opt for a leather strap or a slightly more eye-catching metal band in a gold or silver finish. When you’re ready to expand your collection, consider adding a higher-end, special occasion watch with a sleeker design and a more muted color scheme.

2. Cufflinks

Cufflinks are like a great pair of heels—you may not wear them often, but they’re great to have at the ready for special occasions.

If you work in a formal business setting, cufflinks will fit right in with your workday. And many men are opting to sport cufflinks in more casual work settings as it allows them to show off a bit of their personality.

Our watchband patterned links are the perfect introductory pair, and their two-toned aesthetic ensures they will complement any other jewelry pieces you choose to wear.

3. Rings

Next to earrings, rings are one of the most polarizing pieces of men’s jewelry. But ring designs for men have come a long way, and there are a variety of styles to choose from that will complement your personal taste.

When it comes to ring rules, take comfort in the fact that there are no real rules. If you want to go sleek and simple, go for it. A subtle ring with a textured style is a great introductory piece for a guy just starting their ring journey.

As you get more comfortable and explore different styles, you can try layering rings on the same finger or wearing one on each hand. And it is up to you how ornate you go—today’s masculine rings come in a variety of metals and textures and can be set with a variety of stones.

4. A Cuff Bracelet

A well-made cuff encircling the wrist creates a look that is strong and timeless. As with most jewelry, cuffs come in a variety of styles and materials. A braided leather cuff makes an excellent everyday piece, allowing the wearer to look properly styled without looking overly fussy.

For a bit more flash, consider a metal cuff in a gold or silver finish. While there is something indescribably sexy about seeing a pop of metal peeking out from beneath the cuff of a dress shirt, bracelet cuffs look equally effortless when sported with a short-sleeved, button-up weekender and a pair of chino shorts.

5. Necklace

Necklaces can (and do) run the gamut from minimalist to big and blingy, and the necklaces you choose will depend largely on the story you want to tell and the aesthetic you’re most comfortable with.

A simple chain necklace is always a safe start for those dipping their toes into the neck chain waters. It can be silver- or gold-toned, and the length will depend on what you’re wearing—a longer chain looks great with a V-neck t-shirt while a shorter chain peeks perfectly from the neck of a button-up.

Once again, necklaces are as varied as personalities, so choose what best compliments your style. That may mean sporting a necklace with a religious or spiritual symbol, a thick chain studded in eye-catching stones, or a classic link chain that can be passed within your family.

And so, we’ll leave you with three things to consider before choosing your jewelry for the day:

Think about the story you want your pieces to tell.

If it isn’t comfortable, don’t wear it.

Less is always more.

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